Are you looking for a copywriter who knows her way around complex topics such as technology, business, and law?

How about a content strategist well-versed in building B2B marketing campaigns?

Or do you need a savvy marketer who not only understands your audience but knows how to engage them and keep them coming back for more?

You’ve arrived at just the right place.

I’m Mary Clark Navarro, and I write for clients all over the globe, including emerging startups and long-standing enterprises. What once started as a copywriting business has expanded into full-scale marketing support.

People hire me to take complex topics and break them down into consumable, engaging content. Whether you need someone to write educational content for the top of your funnel, a whitepaper to move leads along the buyer’s journey or a case study to help the close the deal, I’ll make it happen.  

There are a lot of freelance writers and marketers out there. What makes me different from the rest? I’m passionate about marketing and possess strong business acumen. In other words, I get your business. I understand your audience. I know how to help you achieve your goals with strategic content and marketing.

So, let’s get to it. Email me directly at

“Mary Clark has delivered high quality content blogs to us for some of our most difficult to please clients, and this is not an easy task. She’s our go-to copywriter for a variety of projects that involve a plethora of unique subjects because we know that her expertise will get the job done right the first time.”–Jaime Roache, Pierce Management