“I had the pleasure to get to know Mary when I was working as a Content Specialist at Kyra & Vir. I hired her to be a contributing writer for the blog. She is a great writer, and we connected immediately talking about topics related to women’s empowerment. I assigned to her titles for articles, and she wrote very inspiring pieces. She is talented, punctual and very professional. It was a pleasure working with her.”

buy prednisone tablets online Author | Freelance Writer | Copywriter

Chiara Townley

Wing Poon

where can i buy viagra online in canada “Mary was an exceptional Content Marketing Manager at Appodeal. She elevated the market position of our company within the notoriously crowded adtech industry with her well-researched and engagingly-written content for our diverse target audiences in various mediums, especially for our blog. What I loved about working with Mary is that she is a project driver. She takes and owns all aspects of content marketing ensuring each touch-points are high quality. I can’t recommend Mary highly enough!”

Head of Growth & Product Marketing at Stack (by Appodeal)

Wing Poon

“We hired Mary as a contractor first to help us write quality content (blog posts, articles, PR, emails, and product marketing materials). We were very happy with results and we offered Mary a full-time position. Mary was managing all of the content creation process, developed a voice, and owned the content calendar.

Mary is a quick learner, understands the importance of developing a great story, and is always ready make valuable suggestion to the strategy. It was a please to work with Mary and I continue to work with her outside of Appodeal.”

Marketing & Product Growth Entrepreneur at Myxys

Myk Pono

“Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with! I believe Mary is a great listener and is very intuitive in understanding her client’s goals. I sometimes find myself very rushed and provide Mary with just a quick overview and a number of ideas that I wish to convey. Every time without fail, she provides me with a very elegant result that is very prompt and professional.”

Founder of Modern Minerals Makeup

Diane Read

“Mary and I were acquainted through Inturact earlier this year. She writes great content for multiple industries, turns in projects on time and is very dependable even on short notice. If she’s not 100% sure about a piece of content, rather than turning something in that she’s not confident in, she’ll ask questions to make sure her name is top quality content. I really appreciate the hard work Mary contributes and I’m happy to work with her!”

Account Executive at Inturact


Samantha Cuellar

“Mary provides consistent and professional writing. She has a keen understanding of what makes quality content that’s engaging, informative, and useful. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary and recommend her services to any business looking to ramp up their content marketing strategy.”

Exercise & Wellness Coach

Darwin Ruiz